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yesterday i played the haunted romania for the first time and it was very funny map.


I had to start my nightfire game with


"C:\Programme\EA Games\Nightfire\Bond.exe" -hunk 128 -heap 256"



because im using 1.0 fresh install i think and the map was to big for my computer or whatever,,, with the above setttings it worked well, without this I was redirected to my desktop together with a Rrrring sound when I joined.


Somehow i was able to place a ronin in Oddjob's head while he was standing at his flag stand. When he moved away the ronin felt down into the bloodpool. That was one of the strangest experiences I ever had in my whole life.

Who else made pics of the halloween 2013 event? Please post them.







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haha nc one fritz! I was also there :D How many skulls did you find? 

It was Great H4LLOW33N! and Thank you to WARKry for hosting this map.

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yea nice map, nice people, nice gummyworms, nice host = nice evening :)

some more pics are on the noob-site ;)


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