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hey boys and girls,

whats your opinion about the nightfire-gungame mod?

my opinion: its great fun, new gameplay for nightfire. sadly it was released very late (i think around 2012), so not many people know it and its not hosted very often.


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[NooB] Baggylotto
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 i play sometimes. great new discussion i would like to know what others think about it too? 

I think it is fun like beverlyhills;

cons(-)  (1.) it reminds me of norulz-server because you can grapple anywhere..(New Agent's find this histarically fun..they think they can fly lol.)

(2,) it is very hard to kill somebody if they have a bazooka and you have the taser/keys

pros (+) (1.) pjump is usually disabled or very hard. this makes it more fun for us noobs :)

(2.) everyone begins the level with the same weapons so it is fair game.

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I like it, would like to host it sometimes too. Gotta contact bullets so I can. I love gun game in counter strike source. Wish nf had more guns.



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