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Hi, how do u guys like the new possibility in ctf_romania to fly with the helicopter? ->

Cool new feature that adds more game fun?


Annoying addition that destroys the classical ctf-gameplay?


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I get the helicopter addition is from the gamecube version (where it used to be loved). It is a nice skill based add-on which could work. But currently feels like it has a few issues. 
1. In the current setting with only sniper, raptor and shotgun server the helicopter with machine gun ánd rockets feels slightly overpowered (quite a bit if the pilot is decent). This would even out a lot in server with the strong pdw90, probably. 

2. When picking up the flag you can enter the helicopter. If the heli is shot down the flag will drop at their base making it a very easy pickup again from the enemy team. Doesn't feel rewarded. You shouldn't be allowed to enter the heli when having the flag or the flag should drop at the position the heli explodes

3. Helis cannot fly through nodraw objects but cán fly through noclip walls. With the flag picked up the heli can hide outside the map without enemies able to see / hit you. 

4. There is this one player who has been able to team switch while in heli. The heli doesn't change team but the player does. Basicly meaning that you cannot hit the heli but the heli can hit you. This is probably the most annoying of the points. 

With that said, I don't mind helicopters in NF. Honestly why not. The game doesnt crash with helis, flying feels actually smooth and controls are easy to learn / hard to master. It is fun to see and use :) , but with the current setting it is also unfair and broken :(

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Thanks for all of these points, just saw your post and I will deal with as much as these problems as I can. Most of the issues you have are fixable, but helicopter flying through clip brushes will probably not be fixed due to the potential to make it very difficult to move around on some maps with the heli

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Official servers helicopter updated:

Gattling gun damage reduced from 15 dmg to 12

Can no longer get in the helicopter while carrying a flag

Changing teams while in a helicopter will kick you out of the helicopter and cause it to respawn

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