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i hope everyone is doing good. I have not played nightfire online for a long time and really miss it. Anyway, i wanted to start playing again but my internet is not good and my ping spikes every few mins ( which will probly piss off alot of players b/c lag = hax etc etc). So, i just want to say I am still here checking this website often and happy that this nice internet-gaming community is still alive :) 

Also, i still mess around with gearcraft and make weird / bad maps (not sure this is legal since I don't know how nightfire tools like gearcraft were publicly obtained...?)

@BeverlyHills thanks for keeping track of the website!!

@Fritz: i liked your new map! and heliroosters lol.

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hi baggy,

cool you`re still alive. i wasnt playing since new patch cause it didnt work. but try to fix it the next weeks and play again. but still watchin ur youtube channel sometimes :)

i also will update the website...

sadly i didnt have much time the last months cause of work, gf etc.

hope to cya soon


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Fritz was here on June 15, 2016 takes place from 22. Juli bis 07. August 2016


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