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I have downloaded the game and have run Bond.exe. The problem is that the game won't launch. The settings are configured, I've run the installation and the auto-updates - the game does not launch. It keeps running the installer over and over again. 

The readme says to create a shortcut to bond.exe. I'm not sure how to do that either. 

To put it simply: how do you set up the game? How do you "creat a shortcut to Bond.exe"? Need help installing this....

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I lost my password.

So far I understand you instelled the game / patch and it won't launch.

I am not very familiar with it and asked in another forum for help and since now there wasn't a return for help but maybe this will change soon or maybe not, will keep on asking others :)


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did you install the patch on top of an original 1.0 installation?

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