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what must I do to play the new game?


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why dont you go to forum and read the detailed in-depth picture-example instructions that explain how to play it.

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I played it and it is great fun.

Since i am a noob in computer games I am not in the position 2


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yes, thats right. nightfire-noobs doenst and cant fulfill the function of any support to the new nightfire source game.

the answers to your questions can be found on the main page, which is linked here too.

better use this subtopic for your experiences in the game. post screenshots, tell your opinion etc.

for support-questions or suggestions use official forum


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[NooB] Baggylotto
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yea i agree with Beverly. He puts alot of hard work into creating our noob website and keeping it alive so the least we can do is put this topic to good use :)

This topic can be a good place to ask questions like what is your opinion on nfs? How do you compare nfs to the original nf? Do noobs play nfs too? as well as Beverly said posting screenshots/videos etc..

you're better off going to for stuff like FAQ and suggestions tho.

Thanks Beverly

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strawberry-phasers are cool

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