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Hi everybody

I'm balasai. I recently came across this game while searching for a multiplayer shooting game and found the link to site  so decided to try out. I'm not great with shooting games and my friends don't let me play with them because of it. Other games I tried before and failed were Hitman, Counterstrike, COD MW4 and many others. Found this better than that but might do with some help in Multiplayer. I like games in which the human players all team up against the AI something like what they do in Expendables movie. Also when I go into multiplayer I find 0 players in all the maps? And if anybody else plays at someother time then I could gladly join them. Right now the time here is 1:45 PM. 

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[NooB] Baggylotto
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hi balasai :)

there is a fun nightfire game mod called "co-op" game mode you might be interested in. (made by 2Goldenbullet$, the one who saved the game after gamespyarcade shut down, he made a new master server, server patches, client patches and much more stuff @ ) It has a few bugs like with everyone spawns on top of each other and sometimes you have to reset (kill yourself) but its pretty rediculous! The regular (capture the flag) online multiplayer i believe is not very popular anymore with many players..

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i opened the coop server, good luck getting players

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Hi balasai,



welcome aboard :)



I assume that you already downloaded the patch (5.8x) from "" website download area so you can see some (a few) servers in the serverlist, right? Since gamespy closed their masterserver a while ago,,, 2GoldenBullets managed it to write an alternative serverbrowser-thingy so that nightfire players can still see the servers and play their preffered James Bond game online. It is included in the newest patches.

OK, that doesn't mean that there still thousands of players (left) in this game playing online, but sometimes there are some,,,, and most of them are friendly,,, and if you tell them ingame that you're a beginner and need some help you should receive some hints and help from them. At least I hope this for you ! :P

I can't tell you any trustable timeframes when it's the best time to join, but on our main page => there's a picture at the right side (below the many faces of the player characters) with a link to"Ultimate Sniper's" online serverlist at "" where you can have a look if someone is playing and additionally who is playing. Once you managed to find someone playing online you may ask him/ her/ it/ them when his/ her/ it's/ their favourite online-play-timeframe is.

Feel free to have fun and beeing active in forum.

Hope to see you in game soon :)


In case some of the above doesn't make any sense at all, it's either english is not my native language or I am drunken. Possibly both.










sorry for beeing to late,, but I guided  Susi Wong how to install the patch by phone and we talked more than an hour and so on,,  and it was fun and i think it works for him now.


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