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Ehrgeiz released an updated map! Before you download, read first and please tell me if there are missing textures, sounds, or etc...

SGU_Destiny_beta1a: Download

Description by Ehrgeiz.

"Hey guys, this is an update to my Destiny map. It’s not a beta2 map, so not much has changed. I’ve added a few new things like healing water. I’ve also updated the sounds so that it uses more realistic Stargate sounds. Anyway, I hope you guys like the new sounds. Oh yeah, if the piano song is too soft, you can download a different song below that should be louder."

New Piano Song: Download


IMPORTANT NOTE! (This note is for new players only, don't read this if you're an expert at the game.)

As Ehrgeiz said mp_allowcharacters 1 must be on. To open it, open the console by pressing the "` back quote or ~ tilde" button on your keyboard near by "1", then write "mp_allowcharacters 1" without quotes to appear NPC, and then it should be now appear NPC after you restart the map.

Also, to play this map because it doesn't have name like "DM_SGU_Destiny_beta1" which it doesn't appear on the multiplayer select map menu, again open the console and write "map SGU_Destiny_beta1" without quotes, and then you are now on a map.

This file has 37.7 MB (39,578,173 bytes), the download might take a long time to finish especially if you have a slow internet. There's no problem about the map. Unless the map will make your computer slow if you have an old computer. And probably it will crash the Nightfire game if you have 1GB ram or lower (tested by me on my old computer).

Enjoy the new map! If you want to play with Ehrgeiz, you will see Ehrgeiz's server appears maybe weekend, so you will explore map with him to know more about this map. Again have fun! :D

Credits to Ehrgeiz!



Hi, visit my website!

Enjoy! ;)


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[NooB] Baggylotto
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Thanks! I downloaded it today ;)

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This is a great map and really fun playing on it! :) Can't wait for the next update, hopefully going to include a COFFEE MACHINE! :D

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