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[NooB] Baggylotto
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today, i played on SGU_destiny_beta1 and M8_Missile01 maps made by Ehrgeiz (with KiNg-Ahmed and Ehrgeiz ofcourse). It was fantastic! 

here are a few screenshots:

 photo newAhemd2_zpsb5888389.png

 photo ehrgeiz1_zps8d61ada8.png

*if you want to play these maps go to and you should find them there on the "maps" page.

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Hahaha yeah it's awesome map! I know already this map because I played this map first time with Ehrgeiz before, that's why I said again "It's awesome map!". He spent hard work on this map, but he made the map look amazing! Better than old maps by other players. Ehrgeiz made SGU_Destiny_Beta1a with added new sounds, added some missing textures, and more. Will be available on my website soon.

Credits: Ehrgeiz



Hi, visit my website!

Enjoy! ;)


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