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Hi, good news,


this time it's about to inform you that from July 18, 2014 till August 2, 2014 the annual "Sommerwerft, Theater am Fluss" (=> english = summer wharf, theatre at the river) is taking place again the 7th. time since the starting in 2008 in Frankfurt/Germany.


It's the biggest multicultural outdoor party in germany and the entry is free, RESPECT to more than 800 people working for free making this possible :)


Starting every day at 5 ' o clock in the early evening and open ends.


There will be more than 500 international street artists performing very impressive live performances and theatre inside and outside, serving fresh food and drinks, there's a fleamarket, several workshops, singing contests and everything you can imagine.


I am trying to activate Susi Wong, beverlypilz and ego to meat there and drink a few or more beers. Maybe we will manage it. Would be cool :)


To give you a short impression:




Sommerwerft Slide show 2014:

2014 CLIP antagon Theater AKTion:

F.a.u.s.t. III - antagon TheaterAKTion (a 6 minute extract of a 70 minute live act) => will be performed live again at july 30 and august 1 2014:

Sommerwerft - Theaterfestival am Fluss:




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heey i`m back.

sounds wonderful, i will join!!!!

for me it would be best under the week, but i can maybe find a free day on a weekend too when you inform me early enough :)

all others please join too. baggylotto and rice could fly together from canada? what about king ahmed, the netherlands, france-nathie, karl from sweden... when all come we could make this multicultural festival to a multicultural beer escapade


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Hi, Fritz and Beverly :) Enjoy Guys!! dont beer and drive. stay safe ;p

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