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hi guys

i have a probem when the patch find that their is a new update and i choose yes it restart i run the game as adminstrator and i'm using win 7 ultimate i want to update to the final patch that add the new server list

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[NooB] Baggylotto
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same problem ;) ..but i can handle 1.0. also i have crosshair issues inside the scope when  i choose to disable iron sights.

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it's very annoying porblem i had to manually edit engine.dll file by hex to turn to the new master server

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crosshair will only mess up if the exe isn't running. i'm going to release a new client patch soon that restores original crosshair to the game dlls rather than ironsights.exe. too many people have computer setups that don't allow ironsights.exe to run for some retarded reason.. which = no crosshair

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