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Dedicated server hosts MUST download this server update if they wish to continue hosting after the gamespy cutoff date on May 31, 2014 (this date may be extended to June 31, 2014, but it is unknown at this point). This patch is the same as the previous 5.09 R3, with the gamespy fix applied to use the new may also edit older versions of the game by hex editing the engine.dll but this is extremely discouraged as older server versions contain major performance-sapping bugs, especially 1.0 and 1.1.

Here is the download:
Alternative link:

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i dont have access to the aowc control panel since the site is down/company folded. i assume there is no way to manually "hex edit" my server or install this new patch?

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Don't worry your server is already hard coded into the new maste server until it goes down

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5.09 Server R5 has been released. This version fixes a problem with easy pjump that happens on some specific machines hosting servers.

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Hey guys i was wondering where i get a command list for the dedicated server , i dont know how to change the max players on my server theres no place in files where it says its 6 and i dont have any leads. can someone help me with this so i could also make a 32 player server?

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Hi raimps,

such a list would be cool. Hopefully someone can make a tutorial for it.

Can someone do it please?

Cheers :)


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hey Fritz123 :) and raimps i agree men! tutorials would be appreciated.

who can do it??


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