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if you want your MI6 suit and stealth nightfire bond characters look a little bit Waldo styled in the PC game James Bond: Nightfire v1.0 and higher like the following...

... necktie_bond_waldostyle_alpha:




... conceal_bond_waldostyle_alpha:



... you may want to download the following *.png texture files and put them right into your nightfire installation's "bond/models/textures/" subfolder by carefully not overwriting possibly already existig flies in case they already exist for a certain reason or not.




I hope it works :)






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i think it worked :) 

bnfpe.server host map ctf_knox2

 photo moarwaldo_zpsb3a407c4.jpg

nIce work on this mod Fritz ;D 

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yea it works fine. thnx :)


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