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I have developed a client-server system for Gearcraft and Hammer that will allow users with slow computers or those who don't want to compile maps on their PC to automatically upload their map to my server which will compile it for you and then email you the compiled BSP. It will even automatically compile and convert water models for you. There are a few things you need to do to get this set up. First, download the Oven BSP Compiler Client at Place this in your NFeditors tools folder (usually C:\NFEditors\tools).

Now open Gearcraft and create/open a map. Press F9 to open Run Map. Make sure you're on the Advanced mode of Run Map. If there are any checkboxes checked in this window, uncheck them all. Now click on New, then click Cmds -> Executable. Select the OvenCompileClient.exe.

In the Parameters box, enter   -bond -email [email protected] -map $path$
Put a checkbox in Use Process window.

The window should look similar to this:

Now, you are almost done. Close out this window and go to Map -> Properties in the toolbar. Scroll down to the bottom until you see Oven BBSP, BVIS, BRAD compile options and Oven RAD file to use. This is where you will set your compile settings. For fast VIS you would put -fast in the BVIS compile options, for full VIS you would put -full. For full quality RAD you would type -sparse -extra.
Make sure to specify the amount of -threads you want to use for both VIS and RAD, or else it will default to 1. My server allows up to 8 threads. The Oven RAD file to use will usually be yourmapname.rad and it is used to specify texture lights. Here is an example of mine:

You are all done! All you have to do now is close out this window and press F9 to open Run Map Advanced and then click on Go! If the client was successful you will see this message:

Check your Email and you should receive two emails, the first one will notify you that the server received your map. The second email when finished will contain the compile log and your newly compiled BSP and water models.

Please note that this tool is still in BETA stage and has only been tested to work fully with Nightfire compile tools. It currently has basic support Half-Life 1 compiling as well (CS 1.6, HL1, DOD, etc) if you specify -hl1 instead of -bond. Half-Life 1 compiling currently does not support custom WAD files. Source Engine compiling (-hl2 parameter instead of -bond) is completely untested yet and probably won't work at all. Stay tuned to this thread for future updates

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:|no replies and not a single log of anyone using the program for two days. that makes me real confident that this program will be a success

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[NooB] Baggylotto
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Hi this looks really cool!

just a reminder, this is noobs-forums (for noobs like me) who dont have an idea what this is or what it can do?

If anyone else know or is interested in Map-Compiling 

please test this program and give a feedback.

thx :)

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Sir Fisher
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well, if i just knew how to start map building/editing.. that would be really great

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Sir Fisher at February 19, 2014 at 4:00 PM

well, if i just knew how to start map building/editing.. that would be really great

There are links in this forum to download Gearcraft and there are 1000s of tutorials on the internet with Hammer tutorials on how to build maps

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as far as i understood, this is just a program for people who creat(ed) maps?? please correct me if i`m wrong. but if so: i know only 1 person in this forum whos active creating maps.

i appreciate your work, but please dont be sad when theres not much "success", cause in this forum arent so many people who can use it.

well, there are really often questions about 2 things:

1. how to create maps

2. how to create a server

@norulezgaming: maybe you can help here with good links to youtube videos or pages with easy tutorials for us noobs? maybe we can put really good explainings then on the noob-website (we did so with ricecookers videos and thats really helpful, cause everytime someone asks me how to pjump i just send them the link to this site and everything is fine) so that many many people can see it and dont have to ask always in forums where they most often dont get a satisfactional answer


"DONT BE A HATER, BE A CELEBRATER" (by Jeff Stelling, 9/26/2013)

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