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some days ago  i played the game James Bond: Nightfire (PC version) and, what shall I say, it was nice as always :)


Beside playing i chatted very much and then it happened that while i was talking about my trip to Zandvoort i met an old player and we were talking about Yvonne.


Long story, short sense,,, I said i will upload some pics of Yvonne from Zandvoort:


We became very best friends when I opened my backpack and she smelled the salami sandwiches inside, rapidly managing it to have a nice dinner with them while I was at the restroom.


Clever and smart :)


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[NooB] Baggylotto
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Nice pics as always! are there many stray dogs in yvonne? nice of you to let her eat your sandwiches:P

maybe did you see yvonne the cow??

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very cute :)


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